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11 Surprising Health Benefits Of Laughter

Surprising Health Benefits Of Laughter Laughing is healthy: it has been scientifically proven that the cerebral cortex releases electrical impulses within a second after starting to laugh, expelling negative energy from our body. We all love to laugh, but its benefits go far beyond just making us feel good. Laughter improves our health.

8 Yoga Poses To Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally

  Yoga Poses To Lower High Blood Pressure At least one person in your life, a family member, someone you work with, or a good friend is likely to have high blood pressure and take one or more pills every day to bring it under control.

Is Knuckle Cracking Really That Bad For You?

  Knuckle Cracking Do you have a habit of constantly cracking your fingers? It may be pleasant for you to burst your fingers, but the truth is that it is a detrimental practice for your health. That simple ‘crack’ causes wear on the joints and also on the tendons and ligaments that surround them.

What Causes Menstrual Cycle To Change Dates Every Month

Factors That Influence The Length Of The Menstrual Cycle The menstrual cycle and menstruation is a biological and natural process with which many women live most of their lives. However, not all of us live it in the same way. In some cases, women have to live with irregularities in their menstruation throughout their reproductive stage.