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11 Surprising Health Benefits Of Laughter

Surprising Health Benefits Of Laughter Laughing is healthy: it has been scientifically proven that the cerebral cortex releases electrical impulses within a second after starting to laugh, expelling negative energy from our body. We all love to laugh, but its benefits go far beyond just making us feel good. Laughter improves our health.

Why Folic Acid Is Important Before And During Pregnancy?

Benefits of Folic Acid Before and During Pregnancy Folic acid is a nutrient that every pregnant is recommended to take. It has also been proved in one study that women who consume folic acid from one year before conception reduce their risk of premature delivery by 50 percent. However, there are various questions in the mind of women about taking folic acid in pregnancy, such as how much it should be taken, for how long. In this article of HEALTH and FITNESS , we will try to answer most of the questions related to folic acid during pregnancy. In this article •         What is Folic Acid? •         Why should you take folic acid while pregnant? •         How much folic acid should be taken during pregnancy? •         When should you start taking folic acid? •         When should you start taking folic acid? •         How long should folic acid be taken during pregnancy? •         What are the symptoms of folic acid deficiency during pregnancy? •         Fo

Diet For Breastfeeding Mothers To Increase Milk: BEST FOOD FOR NEW MOMS

BEST FOOD FOR NEW MOMS Breastfeeding is a natural way of nourishing your newborn baby with all the essential nutrients that facilitate his/her growth and development. Breastfeeding also helps build the baby's   immune   system. A lactating mother shares her nutrients with the baby through her milk. All mothers wish to give the best of everything to their babies. However, most of the nursing mothers are confused about do, don’ts of the postpartum journey. If you are breastfeeding mother, eat smart, and right proportions yourself to provide your baby with some wholesome nutrition. Milk production puts a breast-feeding mother’s body on additional stress and thus right diet is important for their mother. Maybe you need to avoid certain foods to prevent allergies or digestive problems in your baby. Perhaps you are you need to eat special foods to make the best quality milk or the right amount of milk for your baby.             Nutritional requirement of a breastfeeding

How Your Saliva Can Help You Get Pregnant? Best Time To Conceive A Baby And Fern Test

Best Time To Conceive One of the newest and possibly the most reliable ways to predict not only ovulation but a variety of hormonal activity is through saliva. How is this possible? The latest research shows that many of the biochemical changes that occur in your reproductive hormones correspond to biochemical changes in saliva. By analyzing those changes, you can learn a great deal of information about not only your menstrual cycle but particularly your ovulation pattern. In fact, some saliva analysis can predict ovulation up to seven days before it occurs. In light of the new studies on the six-day window of conception opportunity, the saliva test may soon be one of the more valuable tools for couples trying to conceive.

18 Early Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period: PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS

A pregnant woman's body gives some signals and through several signs and symptoms that any woman can easily find out whether she is going to become a mother or not. Although there are many types of devices and medicines in the market, through which you can easily detect pregnancies, sometimes these devices can also give false information. Therefore, if a woman wants to determine her pregnancy by herself, then we are going to tell you in detail about such changes in her body, through which she can know that she is now going to become a mother.   Every woman dreams of becoming a mother in her life. The happiness of a new guest coming to the home is for a family, while a woman finds herself complete after becoming a mother. However, when it comes to a woman's mind to become a mother, the first thing that comes to her mind is how to know about pregnancy. When there is no period in the scheduled date of a month, often women are caught in a circle of questions on this occas