Top 10 Best Foods For Stress Relief - MOOD AND FOOD CONNECTION

Top 10 Best Foods For Stress Relief - MOOD AND FOOD CONNECTIONStress is a common problem for many people. It is a disorder characterized by constant worry and nervousness, and it is sometimes related to poor brain health. There are certain foods you can eat that have properties to boost your brain and may help you to lower the severity of your stress symptoms.Whenever we are in stress, we usually turn to foods. We tend to over-eat foods which are high in carbs, fats and which have no nutrition value. This can result in obesity issues, depression, anxiety problems, and lead to more stressful situations. So if you are choosing the wrong kind of foods, then that can be responsible for your poor mental health.
Now, let us check out some foods, which will help you to de-stress your mind and uplift your mood.
1.Water intake: Water is a super nutrient, and we need to keep ourselves well hydrated. If our cells are not getting enough water, then this can lead to stress, as stress and dehydratio…

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