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How Your Saliva Can Help You Get Pregnant? Best Time To Conceive A Baby And Fern Test

One of the newest and possibly the most reliable ways to predict not only ovulation but a variety of hormonal activity is through saliva. How is this possible?
The latest research shows that many of the biochemical changes that occur in your reproductive hormones correspond to biochemical changes in saliva. By analyzing those changes, you can learn a great deal of information about not only your menstrual cycle but particularly your ovulation pattern. In fact, some saliva analysis can predict ovulation up to seven days before it occurs. In light of the new studies on the six-day window of conception opportunity, the saliva test may soon be one of the more valuable tools for couples trying to conceive.


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Happiness is the feeling of contentment and satisfaction that craved by many but only achieved by some. Happiness is relative and subjective but for many successful individuals the presence of a great family life in a flourishing career is often not enough. On some occasions, compels individual from feeling a sense of loneliness, often sadness and melancholy. In order to understand how to be happy, we need to look at the ways we react to everything around us. Behavioral scientists have made lots of studying to find the secret of happiness. 

Here are psychological five reasons why people have a harder time finding happiness. 
1)Being Overly Ambitious People feel not satisfied with what they already have.  Their complex mind gives them the ability to see something bigger and better a purpose.  These people fail to enjoy mundane things in everyday life because their minds crave something stimulating and fantastically idealistic that cannot be found in the real world. This is often manifes…

10 Surprising Myths and Truths about Hair Care

Most of us have spent a lot of money following advice to make our hair healthy and shiny that turned out to be age-old hair care myths. Some say do not wash hair every day or hair will get greasy faster. When you try it, you still have oily hair the next day. There are certain commonly believed myths about hair care that need to be debunked. Know the truth behind the most common hair myths and discover if its fact or fiction. What really makeshairgrow, fall out, change color, and more fascinatingfactsabout how to bestcare for healthyhair. Resolve your hair care doubts today and say hello to your luscious and lovely locks.
10 Surprising Myths and Facts about Hair CareMYTH NUMBER 1: The More Often You Cut Your Hair The Faster It Grows
This advice you might have heard many times.  It is not true, cutting your hair will give a refreshing look your hair but it will not make it grow faster.  Hair grows from the roots and not from the ends.  The average speed of hair growth is a half an inch o…


Obesity generally caused due to an imbalance between calorie intake and calorie expenditure. Between 1980 and 2014 prevalence ofobesity more than doubled throughout the worldwide. According to researchers, probiotics are supposed to help one lose weight and belly fat by 3–4% over a 6-week period. The gut bacteria regulate the overall metabolism and can influence the calorie balance in our body. An imbalance in this gut microbiota may affect the fat metabolism and lead to weight gain. Probiotics are the good bacterial, taken either with food or with supplements. These probiotics has important physiologic functions to maintain the healthy gut microbiota, regulating the food intake and appetite, elimination of fat and maintainhormonal balance related to weight loss.
A healthy gut is important for our overall wellbeing. Around 100 trillion microorganisms a human body is believed to carry in the intestines and this is more than ten times the total number of human cells.These microorganisms …