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15 Common Myths And Facts About Diabetes

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Understand Depression During Pregnancy Before It Harms Your Baby

Depression During Pregnancy  Depression in pregnancy appears frequently but is confused with stress or hormonal alterations.  

13 Effective Home Remedies To Lighten Sunburn Skin

Effective Home Remedies To Lighten Sunburn Skin   Sunlight, especially through ultraviolet radiation, can burn our skin. Here is a selection of the best tips to get it back to its normal hue and color of sunburned skin.

26 Tips To Lose Weight In A Healthy Way

  Achieving our ideal weight goes far beyond merely aesthetic issues. It improves our physical and emotional health. But you have to know how to lose weight without putting it at risk.   To lose weight there are always two options: the fast and less healthy way in which we cut out foods and nutrients and lose weight in the short term but quickly regain it, or the slower, reasonable, and healthier way, in which a balanced diet is maintained, but restricting calories and spending more on the basis of exercise.  If you want to lose 15 kg, you should know that you can achieve it through a change in eating habits, physical activity, and proper management of daily activities in general. That you achieve a change in habits will not only help you lose body fat, but will also allow you to maintain the correct weight, unlike extreme methods that only manage to make the situation worse due to the yo-yo effect. Losing 15 kg in 7-8 months implies that you will make an average decrease of 500 g

Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners - Which Is the Best Choose For You

Sugar-Free Sugar Or Artificial Sweeteners:  What Is Better For Health?