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Selfies Can Make You Look Ugly and Less Attractive!

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Selfies Addiction Can Challenge Your Idea of Beauty

Drop the selfie habit! Selfies can make you less attractive. This concern over selfie addiction has been raised by several experts and publications a few years ago. However, the craze for selfies among young people that started soon after it was introduced in smartphones is hitting more and more people of all age groups. Everywhere you go, be it any place, you find people taking selfies, even in crowded places. Many, perhaps, are unaware of the dangerous impact of the addiction. Or, people don't care a hoot as any addiction is difficult to give up.
Those of you who are being newly hooked to selfies, here's a cause for worry. It can make you look less attractive as it may damage your skin, especially the side of the face that is more exposed to the smartphone radiation.

Here is why selfie can do more harm than good:

 Electromagnetic radiation - the light that radiates from the smartphone is said to have a damaging effect on the skin, causing breaks in the DNA strands, when constantly exposed to it. Hence, constant exposure to the radiation can cause wrinkles, stress on skin cells and speed up early aging, dermatologists and researchers from different universities and countries say.
The same concern was started in an old study titled Selfie Indulgence: Self-Favoring Biases in Perceptions of Selfies published in the journal Society for Personality and Social Psychology.
While there are many reports of selfie-taking deaths, people falling off to death while taking a selfie, even the blue light from the mobile phone screens can damage you, said Simon Zoakei, an expert in the UK.
Viewing selfies, a behavioral pattern associated with social networking sites that makes a participant check the number of likes on a post, may also decrease your self-esteem and make you feel bad, according to a study published in the Journal of Telematics and Informatics.
So, avoid selfies and take good care of yourself. Protect your skin and body from any harmful radiation. Some may be trying to show the world how good they look, but it could damage their skin and looks. Think twice before you take selfies next time. Don't let any addiction harm your looks or drag you down.
Spread the word. Protect yourself and your loved ones from the damaging effect of selfie addiction, and stay ever beautiful.


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